Why Us


Ed Barton University is intended to be not the same as the customary colleges. One of the best values in online education, Ed Barton University need is to give advantageous and savvy education to dedicated professionals like you, so you can excel in your life. This is the thing that at last separates Ed Barton University:


An Affordable Education

Educational expenses are rising consistently essentially the country over. In any case that is not the situation at Ed Barton University. Keeping the educational cost expense low is a need of Ed Barton University. Our educational charge is low to the point that it is normally 50% of what other conventional universities and respectable online organizations charge.


Competency-Based, Not Credit Hour Based

Contradicted to seat time or credit hours, Ed Barton University online degrees are in light of true capabilities. It's the center of Ed Barton to verify that you have the abilities and learning needed for you to be fruitful.


You Choose When and Where You

The "Ed Barton University style" of online education is phenomenally adaptable, when contrasted with other online institutions. Ed Barton needs to make you effective in all parts of your life, not simply in school and to verify that, they have composed your projects customized to fit your timetable.


Unparalleled Mentoring

Ed Barton University is a spot where you never feel alone as an online student. You don't need to make sense of everything all alone at Ed Barton. Rather you will have a tutor by your side, functioning as a committed accomplice nearby you to guarantee your educational achievement. Your tutor will fill the role of a consultant, a mentor and your own particular individual team promoter until you graduate.