Student Life

Student Consultancy

Ed Barton University gives consultancy benefits that are accessible 24 x 7 for all students. Our educational specialists will support you in any capacity conceivable are accessible all day and all night.


Enrollment Advisor

The enlistment counselor given to you by Ed Barton are there to help you through the whole affirmation transform and furnish you with answers the majority of your inquiries in regards to projects, charges, monetary aid and all things required that ought to be in your insight before you start your classes. It's in their JD to additionally furnish you with the applicable data about exchange of educational and former learning credits. You can gain your degree as per your own particular terms with the assistance of your consultant and educational arrangement they will make for you.


Academic Advisor

The scholarly consultant gave to you by Ed Barton will be accessible for you all through your educational voyage at the college. He/She will help you in selecting your courses, enacting the online classrooms and planning your classes. It is his/her business to bolster you at each venture of the way―from your enrolment day to your graduation. He/She will likewise go about as money related counsel, helping you with grants, gifts, expense installment choices and other monetary administrations.


Career Advisor

The vocation guide gave to you by Ed Barton will be accessible for to you on the off chance that you choose profit from profession administrations. The counselor will help you construct your expert system, draft your resume, issue you meeting tips & enhance your pay transaction aptitudes to improve your employability. Additionally, he will update you as often as possible with respect to the occupation opportunities best suitable for you.