About Us


Ed Barton University Diverse & Qualified Faculty

The personnel at Ed Barton University are entirely dedicated to its competency-based methodology that places an positive accentuation on the learner's prosperity.

As of November 2014, Ed Barton University has effectively set more than 2000 full-time employees and more than 700 part time employees that are serving in diffeterent capacities. The majority of our course guides have earned a graduate degree.

The climate at Ed Barton University is exceptionally adaptable, because of the way that learning at Ed Barton University is customized and there is no utilization of normal classes that rely on upon an altered calendar. We guide and aid every student through an extremely customized learning background in which the workforce and staff serve in distinctive capacities:

Course Mentors

Course mentors are specialists on topic and have the obligation to backing the students that are drawing in if distinctive segments of Ed Barton University's educational module. They have experience in preparing students for the particular course they bolster. They can solve each issue identifying with the course or learning plan of action. To be particular, course mentors:

  • Help student through one-to-numerous and balanced gatherings
  • Provide help to students and learning groups in taking after guidelines
  • Provide help through their substance mastery to the student battling with course material

The size of educational support fluctuates from student to student. Some just need help with particular inquiries though others need completely drew in exercise support.

Program Faculty

Ed Barton University system staff comprises of educational specialists, who serve in distinctive limits as project administrators, educational module designers and program council members. In particular: Program faculty incorporates specialists from the educational world and industry to direct if the educational module is intended to meet the requests of today's reality.

Program Managers are in charge of the nature of the outlined project and its importance to the college's degree programs. Educational module developers are in charge of the advancement of domain competencies and objectives for each segment of the degree program and for its persistent change.